What is Sugar Brew? 

When it comes to alcohol, ours comes from fermented pure cane sugar. By using our sugar brew, we have a non-malty, clean, crisp taste.

What is the difference between Malt base and Sugar Brew?

Sugar Brew as mentioned above comes from fermented sugar...Malt Base is fermented from wheat, which contains Gluten and more importantly when was the last time you ever put wheat into your coffee?

How much alcohol is in Alc-A-Chino?
Both Original and Mocha contain 6% alcohol by volume.

Is Alc-A-Chinos gluten free?

Yes. We do not use any grains, our alcohol comes from the fermentation of pure cane sugar.


Is there Milk in Alc-A-Chino?

Yes. We use fresh milk from the farms of Wisconsin.

Is it real Cocoa in the Mocha?

Not only is it real, it is the best cocoa in the world, all of our cocoa is Imported Dutch Cocoa.

Arabica beans Vs. Robusta beans?

Arabica beans and robusta beans are two different species of coffee grown commercially for consumption as coffee. The general differences are those of taste, the conditions under which the two species grow and economic differences.

Arabica coffee beans are considerably higher in price and therefore used for most premium coffee bean blends whereas robusta coffee beans are typically found in instant coffees are are used as fillers in blends

Taste:  Arabica coffee beans have a wider taste range, between varieties. They range in taste from sweet-soft to sharp-tangy. Their unroasted smell is sometimes likened to blueberries. Their roasted smell is perfumey with fruity notes and sugary tones.

Robusta coffee beans taste range is neutral to harsh and they are often described as tasting grain-like, oatmeally. Burnt tires is the description that I personally find most accurate. Their unroasted smell is often described as raw-peanutty.

Why does All-A-Chino only use 100% Arabica Coffee?

Quality and Taste...It all starts with the coffee, if your not using the best, it will not be the best.

Where can I buy Alc-A-Chino?
We will be launching soon, please check back for updates.

How can I get some cool Alc-A-Chino swag?

We are are having fun and creating a number of small run limited edition shirts for our distributing partners, but if you send us a cool recipe with some pictures and if we use it, we will send you some swag.

How can I find out the calories, sugar and alcohol content of Alc-A-Chino? 
Give the can a turn, all our nutritional information and ingredients are clearly listed on the can, we have nothing to hide.

What is the shelf Life of Alc-A-Chino? 

Alc-A-Chino is great for 12 months after production, hopefully it will not take you that long to enjoy an ice cold Spiked Coffee.

Can I order Alc-A-Chino online? 

We wish, but because of alcohol shipping laws, Alc-A-Chino must be purchased through a licensed retailer.

Are you on Social media? 

Yes. Visit us on Facebook and Instagram.